Ilustrata: Pizza Kong


Image Size: 19.5×26.5″ (50x68cm)
Framed Size: 23×30″ (59x77cm)



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Fully framed and ready to go.

Your Illuminated poster will arrive fully framed, ready to hang on your wall. Beautifully displayed in a white handmade frame and printed on a high quality vinyl sheet, carefully designed to provide the brightest glow.

White Poster Frame Corner Shot on Black Wall

Choose a colour to suit your mood

lluminapp is the first SMART LED lighting solution for posters. The lights are cleverly concealed within the frame of the picture, which enables a variety of white light or colour.

White Illuminapp Frame Lit in Red
White Illuminapp Frame Lit in Green
White Illuminapp Frame Lit in Blue

Control with your voice.

Voice controlled using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other similar devices.

“Hey Google, change my Toy Story poster to Blue”

“Alexa, turn on Game of Thrones”

Google Home Mini with luminous blue background
Sample app running on an iPhone. User is setting the lights to white. Background is illuminated blue and contains a yellow lava lamp

Control With Your Smartphone.

Download a compatible free app from the app store and select the colour and brightness of your choice.

We just bought the Toy Story Illuminapp for our living room. We just love it, and it's a great focal point.
Sally & George
Nantwich, UK
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* Illuminapp requires a Zigbee SMART bridge to operate. We recommend a Philips Hue Smart Bridge but any compatible device will work.

Ilustrata: Pizza Kong Portrait Poster
Ilustrata: Pizza Kong